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        Jinan Hualu Food Co., Ltd.

  Jinan Hualu Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. The company is located in Liujing, the back garden of the provincial capital in the northern foothills of Mount Taishan. After years of development, it has become an enterprise group with agricultural products as its core. The group has fixed assets of 55 million yuan and 1,200 employees, including 340 professional and technical personnel. The company has two brands, “Hualu” and “Liubu Green”, which have become important intangible assets of the Group.

        In order to help rural development, we advocate the concept of "creating green with technology and leading the three rural areas" and created the action mechanism of "three alliances and two chains"to give full play to the role of enterprises.

        The company has researched and developed 7 series of more than 30 products including walnut oil, chestnut kernel, hawthorn kernel and smoked flavoring materials, and certified 2 pollution-free foods, 22500 mu of production base, 4 green foods, and 8000 production bases. Mu; 10 organic foods. Production base 6000 acres. The company is also involved in the development of two national standards.

        The company combines the advantages of surrounding resources to establish an agricultural standardization base, research and develop technology products, and develop the market, and has played a role in rural development and achieved a win-win situation. To this end, the company has been rated as "Top Ten Models of Forest Products Management and Processing in Shandong Province", "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Jinan City", "High-tech Enterprises in Jinan", and "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Shandong Province", “Provincial Advanced Leading Enterprise"Shandong Province "Village Enterprise Interactive Demonstration Enterprise", Shandong Province "Bone Leading Enterprise", Hawthorn Nuclear Smoked Flavoring Products Filled the Domestic Blank, and the Walnut Oil Project was included in the National "Spark Program" project.

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