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Value of Walnut Oil


Walnut oil is a natural fruit oil juice extracted from walnut kernels and taken out by the internationally advanced technology. In the international market, walnut oil is known as “Oriental Olive Oiland is favored by consumers like olive oil.

Main effect

1. Walnut oil has the effect of strengthening the body: This is because the walnut can provide sufficient heat. According to the data, about 100 kilograms of walnuts can provide about 630 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 3-4 times the heat of rice. Therefore, eating walnuts in winter can also play a role in protecting the cold.

2. Walnut oil has the effect of nourishing the skin: walnut oil is rich in horn sharks and human essential fatty acids with excellent skin affinity. It absorbs quickly and effectively maintains skin elasticity and moisture.

3. Walnut oil has the effect of beauty and beauty: This is because walnut oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and it is also rich in a kind of horn shark that has strong affinity with skin.

4. Walnut oil has the effect of beautiful hair care: eating more walnut oil can promote the child's hair to black.

5. Walnut oil has the function of brain and brain: walnut oil does not contain cholesterol, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease; rich linoleic acid and linolenic acid can eliminate the metabolism impurities in blood vessels, make blood purification, for the brain Provide fresh blood.

6. Walnut oil has the effect of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: walnut oil can prevent arteriosclerosis and arteriosclerosis complications, hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, and cerebral hemorrhage.

7. Walnut oil has the function of improving the function of endocrine system: this is because dha in walnut oil can increase the sensitivity of insulin.

8. The effect of walnut oil on calcium supplementation in the skeletal system: natural antioxidants ,which can promote bone growth and maintain bone density.

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