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Smoked sawdust type I



1. The traditional fruit wood baking method has been deep-processed into various types of smoked wood pellets and wooden strips to suit various smoked equipment;

2. Under the action of the smoke generator of the smoker, the wood particles are fully smoked, which greatly reduces and reduces the harmful components of 3.4 benzopyrene in the smoked products, which are essentially different from unprocessed or improperly processed and cannot be fully effective. Smoked material of smoke;

3. Because the smoked wood pellets can be determined according to the different furnace types and smoked products, the size and thickness of the wood pellets can be determined according to the requirements of the products. Therefore, the smoked products can achieve the good effect of sterilization and uniform coloring during the heating and smoking process. ;

4. The meat products smoked from fruit wood smoked wood grain, in addition to the beautiful color, also have the natural flavor of fruit trees, and the taste is better.

Type: I, type II, type III, type IV, Sawdust

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